The Commissioning And Escort of MAN Engine Transport in Africa Was Successfully Completed
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The Commissioning And Escort of MAN Engine Transport in Africa Was Successfully Completed

Author: rui trailer     Publish Time: 12-11-2023      Origin: Site

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Recently, the Africa customer's 250-ton MAN engine project has been successfully transported and commissioned, and will be put into delivery soon. The successful implementation of the first heavy duty cargo project has successfully opened the door to the market, accelerated the expansion of overseas business, and once again promoted the export process of Ruitrailer’s hydraulic modular trailer business in the international market.

In the past one month of the transportation and commissioning, the customer has formed a deep friendship with us, and at the same time has given high recognition to our work efficiency, and is satisfied with the performance and effect of the multi axle modular trailer. This achievement is inseparable from the cohesion and professional skills of the team members, and thanks to the persistence and hard work of our engineer.

side by side 4 files testing

side by side 4 files testing

modular trailer on loading test

modular trailer on loading test

modular trailer testing

modular trailer testing

Ruitrailer has been relying on its own advantages in R&D and innovation to continuously improve its core competitiveness, build top quality in the heavy-duty trailer manufacturing industry, focus on sustainable development in the future, and help the green development of the industry.

Throughout the development process of our company, since entering the modular trailer manufacturing industry in 2002, Ruitrailer has changed from simply providing customers with products and equipment in the past to providing customers with project management and solutions, and has grown into an innovative enterprise integrating R&D and design, project planning, complete sets of equipment, installation and commissioning, technical output, technical training, after-sales support and other special trailer manufacturing services. It is a solution provider and all-resource operator of the modular trailer manufacturing industry focusing on global development.

Ruitrailer has been committed to promoting the manufacturing industry to the high-end of the value and providing customers with more value-added services. For example, when we did overseas service projects, we left after finishing our work in the past, and now we also carry out project services such as technology output, technology transfer, technical training, and after-sales.

The recognition and praise of customers will always be the unremitting pursuit and lasting power of us. Thanks to the customers for their high affirmatio. In the future, our company will continue to optimize service items and quality, insist on paying equal attention to high-quality products and high-quality services, and strive to create more value-added services for our customers.

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