What is AGV? the technical knowledge points of AGV
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What is AGV? the technical knowledge points of AGV

Author: rui trailer     Publish Time: 02-07-2024      Origin: Site

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Foreword: Automated Guided Vehicle (AGV), also known as Automated Guided Vehicle (AGV), also known as Automated Guided Vehicle (AGV). AGV is widely used in automated production, which greatly saves labor and improves production efficiency.

1. Mechanical design of AGV

1.1. According to the requirements of the user and the conditions of the on-site environment, the guidance form and driving mode should be determined firstly.

1.2.  Determine the power of the drive motor, steering motor and execution motor according to the weight and load of the AGV body; If there is a hydraulic system, the power of the hydraulic motor should also be determined.

1.3. The frame of AGV is equivalent to the chassis of the car, which is the key to the mechanical part of AGV. The rationality of the frame design and process will directly affect the positioning accuracy of the AGV, which should mainly meet the following points: • The strength and stiffness of the car body must meet the requirements of the vehicle when carrying and walking acceleration

• The center of gravity of the vehicle should be reduced as much as possible to improve the anti-tipping performance of the vehicle

• Determine the installation position of the main electronic control components inside the car body

• Determine the installation position of the safety device (baffle, obstacle detection, etc.) • Reasonably control the electrical wiring to facilitate maintenance and maintenance

• The installation method and position of the transfer mechanism

2. AGV navigation technology AGV navigation mainly includes:

2.1. Coordinate guidance technology

2.2. Electromagnetic guidance technology

2.3. Magnetic stripe guidance technology

2.4. Optical guidance technology

2.5. Laser guidance technology

2.6. Image recognition guidance technology

2.7. GPS (Global Positioning System) navigation technology

3. AGV drive technology According to the drive form, AGV can be divided into three drive types: single-wheel drive mode (SD--Steer Driving), differential drive mode (DD--Differential Driving) and omnidirectional drive mode QUAD (Quad Motion). The more mature ones today are the Mecanum wheels and steering wheels to achieve omnidirectional movement

4. The role of safety protection technology includes the prevention of equipment errors in operation, but also to prevent the impact of operation errors on personnel and their operating environment facilities. In addition to protecting the safety of the AGV itself and maintaining the smooth completion of the AGV function, the function of the safety device also protects the safety of personnel and operating environment facilities within the greatest possible scope.

Mainly include:

4.1. the vehicle structure and its safety devices

4.2. obstacle contact buffer

4.3. obstacle proximity detection device

4.4. automatic loading and unloading of goods of the actuator of the safety device

4.5. alarm device

4.6. charging protection device

4.7. the safety protection measures of the operating environment

5. multi-machine collaboration multi-machine collaboration is mainly to solve the following problems:

5.1. The objects handled by AGV are too heavy for an AGV to operate.

5.2. The objects carried by the AGV are unbalanced, and even slide on the AGV.

5.3. The objects carried by AGV cannot be directly handled or the whole operation cannot be completed in one operation, but must be converted several times on the AGV.

5.4. Some difficult operations often require the cooperation of multiple AGVs to complete.

5.5. The working area of multi-AGV operation is always larger than that of single-AGV operation.

5.6. When one of the AGVs fails, the other AGV can replace the operation

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