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  • 27
  • November
Introduction of Goldhofer Trailer Series

Goldhofer is a leading manufacturer of modular trailer with a wide range of product lines, so let's break down the characteristics of each model to help us better understand its products. THP series THP/SL is Twin tires model. Goldhofer’s most successful and currently the largest exist model on the

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  • 27
  • October
What Is The Best Way for Project Heavy Cargo Load?

Vessel bridge which couples with hydraulic modular trailer are suitable for transportation in wind tower, chemical vessel, large tanks, heavy cargo, and machinery. Steering, super low working platform, flexible and convenient t

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  • 01
  • November
How dose blade lifter work with China today giant wind turbine blade

Longer and longer wind turbine blades, higher and higher the difficulty of transportation. In recent years, the wind blade length has been continuously upgraded, and 100-meter wind blades have become more and more widely used. With the all-round breakthrough in the design of wind turbine blades from

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