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Extendable Trailer

Extendable trailers provide a low ride height that makes taller loads get under bridge laws and low hanging street lights or power lines.
Product Description

Extendable trailers are great hauling heavy loads or over dimension loads. 

extendable gooseneck trailer provide a low ride height that makes taller loads get under bridge laws and low hanging street lights or power lines. 

extendable lowboy come in a variety of sizes depend on customer requirement. 

The well type and length of extendable lowboy trailer is very important as it determines what size and kind of equipment can be hauled on it.

The well length of extendable trailers can range from as short as 20ft to as long as 45ft.





The wind energy equipment mainly includes wind blade, turbine, hub and wind tower . Each part belongs to the over-size cargo of ordinary road transportation, which needs to be transported by professional trailers. And for wind blade, its length is long, become the main characteristics of different from other wind energy equipment, but the longer the wind blade, transport more difficult, and the higher transportation costs, as to the low wind speed, large capacity development, the transportation of wind-power blades is a big problem, wind blade relative leaf total cost ratio increasing transportation costs, long wind blade is more and more higher requirements for road transport, How to transport wind blades safely and economically is a technical problem requiring computation and planning, which is worth thinking about.

wind blade trailer(extendable trailer,telescopic trailer), as its name suggests, is a vehicle used to transport wind turbine blades. The biggest feature of the blade transport trailer is that it has the longitudinal expansion function. Because the ultra-long model greatly increases the difficulty of turning, in order to overcome the difficulty of driving on curves, the blade transport trailer is generally equipped with hydraulic steering system.

Product Categories

There is no standard statement about the type of blade transport trailer. According to this, there are common extendable trailer,blade adaptor and rotor blade lift, Extendable lowboy trailers etc.

Ordinary extendable trailer is similar to the low flat bed trailer, but its beam adopts the buckle box design, the beam through pulling to adjust the length of the trailer, to adapt to the different length of the wind blade transport, it is understood that the longest domestic extendable trailer can reach 70 meters.

The biggest difference between modular trailer and ordinary extendable trailer is that the chassis adopts hydraulic suspension, which makes the platform of the modular trailer lower and steering more flexible.

rotor blade adaptor (wind blade lifter) refers to the wind blade transport trailer equipped with hydraulic lifting device, mainly aiming at the problem of blade transport in mountainous areas. In the case of flat road, the wind blade is transported in normal. When the turning radius is very small in the mountainous area, the lifting device can be used to lift the height of the transported goods (generally 5-10 meters), shorten the length of the vehicle to bypass the obstacles. 

Extendable lowboy trailers come in a variety of sizes depend on customer requirement. 

The well type and length of extendable lowboy trailers is very important as it determines what size and kind of equipment can be hauled on it.

The well length of extendable lowboy trailers can range from as short as 20ft to as long as 45ft. 


There are many transportation constraints on wind blades, which are related to wind blade length, width, height, blade root node circle size, fulcrum position, weight, center of gravity position and other factors. For example, the height limit of blade on highway transportation is less than 5m, and the height of loading table of blade root support in front of transport vehicle is more than 0.9m. Therefore, it is required that the maximum height calculated from the ground under the posture of the transport support before and after blade installation is less than 4m. The longer the fulcrum is, the longer the pulling length of the blade transport vehicle will be, leading to the greater the requirement of the turning radius of the road on site. At present,wind  blade transport is generally completed by wind blade trailer(extendable trailer) or special blade transport vehicle (blade lifter,rotor blade adaptor). extendable trailer(wind blade trailer) combined with tractor generally in the highway or road flat wind farm, transport road conditions must be good.

Technical Specifications

Fifth Wheel Load (kg) 22,000
Axle cumulative Load (13MT/axle) 36,000
Rated (maximum) payload (kg)  58,000
Dead weight (kg) 21,000
Full load rating (maximum) speed (km / h) 60
Dimensions (length X width X height) (mm)  (17m X 2.7m X 1.5m / max51m)
Tire size 825R20 Radial
Rim size 7.50-20 (10 holes)   for 12 + 1 
Tires no 12+1 
Axle type FUWA – 3 axle
ABS Type Wapco - 3 axle
King pin size JOST 50 # (50.8mm) 
Frame type Flat bed
Pneumatic Wiring Should be inside First Boom
Main beam cambering  5mm/m
Main beam at full extension (empty)  50mm above bed height
Main beam at loaded condition  Not less than trailer bed height (1500mm)

Extendable Trailer Working Principle

Special blade blade lifting  (hereinafter referred to as blade lifter,rotor blade adaptor) is specially designed for wind blade complex road transport equipment, can be due to the driving hydraulic control will have a lifting wind blades, rotate 360 degrees, itself restrictions obstacle avoiding collision in transit (mountain slope, trees, houses, Bridges, tunnels, etc.), It can reduce the wind blade sweeping area, greatly reduce the amount of road reconstruction work, shorten the construction period of road reconstruction, to a certain extent, meet the lack of turning radius, avoid obstacles such as mountains and cliffs, architectural groups, telephone poles and house demolition, and can also greatly reduce the total length of blade transport vehicle body, so as to be popularized and used. Especially in mountain wind fields, restricted by the road transfer radius, it is basically the only choice of transportation mode at present. Many wind farm first transport the wind blades from the wind blade factory to a certain position in the wind farm at high speed by wind blade trailer(extendable trailer) , and then transfer them to the mountain top by blade lifter,rotor blade adaptor.


flexible wind blade lifting and rotation, less reconstruction cost. The wind blade sweep area of special blade lifting transportation (blade lifter,rotor blade adaptor) is larger than that of ordinary wind blade trailer(extendable trailer) blade sweep, and the area involved in the transformation project in the curve is reduced by about 10 times. As shown in the following figure, the blade lifter,rotor blade adaptorcan effectively avoid the mountains, cliffs and building groups, reduce the cost of road reconstruction and house demolition, damage to vegetation, and greatly improve the wind blade transportation efficiency.


due to the limitations of expressways and most highways, the wind blade can only be transported by ordinary wind blade trailer(extendable trailer)  on the national public transport road network. Therefore, when the mountain wind farm adopts special vehicles for transportation, it is necessary to select a suitable place near the wind farm area to set up a mid-range transfer yard. In addition, the transportation cost of blade lifter,rotor blade adaptor is higher than that of ordinary wind blade trailer(extendable trailer)


Q:How about your product quality?

A:All our spare parts are from the original manufacturers, the quality is 100% guaranteed.

Q:I want to be your agent in my country , is that ok?

A:It’s ok, If your quantity is big, we will consider. For the first time 50 units is ok.


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