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Rui trailer low bed trailer is made of high-quality steel with strict production technology. The structure of the vehicle is reasonable, reliable, easy to operate, and has a good performance. The parts are all products from domestic and foreign famous manufacturers, and are strictly purchased, inspected, and used in accordance with the requirements of the quality system documents, ensuring the good performance of the low bed trailer. Low bed trailer is usually used to transport heavy goods (such as tractors, buses, special purpose vehicles, etc.), locomotive, mining machines, forestry machines, agricultural machines (such as excavators, bulldozers, loaders, pavers, cranes, etc.) and other heavy machines. The lower its center of gravity, the better its stability and safety, and the stronger its ability to transport over height goods and pass overhead obstacles.

Type of Low Bed Trailer

Our low bed trailer is produced between 2 to 10 axle and 20 Tons to 120 Tons with different kind of specification according to customer demand.
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Our Custom Solutions

Customized your low bed trailer, due to today challenge on transportation industry, we provide customized design for different kind of your need!
Low Bed Trailer: FAQ Guide
  • What Is Multi-purpose Lowboy Trailer?
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    This low loader adopts with many functions of special use which like low profile drop deck, detachable gooseneck, pendular axle, extendable beam……. to meet customer needs. Now, our new generation of multi-function lowboy trailer is specifically used in the power industry, mining metallurgy, chemical industry, nuclear industry, water conservancy engineering, and railway construction...Read More
  • Rui Trailer’s Low Bed Trailer and Advantage
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    Rui's low bed trailer, also known as a lowboy trailer or low loader, is a type of semi-trailer that is designed with a low platform height (normally deck height is less than 1 m height). The lowbed trailers deck height is much lower than a conventional trailer(normally flatbed trailer height is 1,600mm), allowing for the transportation of oversized(over height)and heavy equipment(crane, wheel loader and so on construction machine) or cargo that cannot be transported by container trailer chassis. The low bed trailer's design provides optimal transportation capabilities for heavy and oversized loads, offering greater convenience, safety, and efficiency compared to standard trailers...Read More
  • Self-steering Axle Give Great Benefit for Multi Axle Trailer
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    The self-steering axle steering axle low bed trailer adopts goldhofer multi axle trailer and cometto multi axle trailer advantage and the height of the loading platform is 930 mm. when the self steering axle trailer body turns, its fully automated steering system can control each wheel automatically steer, so that the wheels are steered to the angle compatible with the angle of the self steering axle trailer, which reveals its maximum maneuverability. Moreover, this self-steering axle system does not require additional electrical and pneumatic control equipment, which makes it cheaper and more economical. The steering of this semi trailer steering axle is achieved by an ingenious mechanical design, this trailer steering axle is designed with a unique steering assembly with an ingenious design between the bearing bush of the axle and the main pin block assembly, which are articulated by a corrugated structure that engages with each other. When the multi axle trailer is travelling straight, the weight of the trailer engages the upper and lower corrugated grooves tightly to keep the wheels travelling in a straight line. When turning, the lateral friction of the trailer will push the corrugated bearings underneath to rotate (the corrugated washer slides inside the groove with the change of the load), which drives the wheels to steer, and the design ensures that the lateral friction between the wheels and the ground is better released when the trailer is turning and at the same time, a smaller turning radius is realized...Read More

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