What is multi-purpose lowboy trailer?
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What is multi-purpose lowboy trailer?

Author: rui trailer     Publish Time: 10-22-2023      Origin: Site

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This low loader adopts with many functions of special use which like low profile drop deck, detachable gooseneck, pendular axle, extendable beam……. to meet customer needs.

Now, our new generation of multi-function lowboy trailer is specifically used in the power industry, mining metallurgy, chemical industry, nuclear industry, water conservancy engineering, and railway construction.

low bed trailer with extendable-beam


1.     Hydraulic suspension system, pendular axle with independent lifting and compensation.

hydraulic suspension system for pendular axle

2.    Platform height adjustable

hydraulic suspension for low bed trailer

3. All wheels can steer

steering axle for low bed trailer

4. Small turning radius, 40° turning angle, and hydraulic gooseneck

all wheels steerable semi trailer

5. Automatic and manual steering

gooseneck control auto steering trailer

6. Extremely sturdy and durable chassis structure with extremely high load carrying capacity.

3D model of multi axle low bed trailer

7. The hydraulic axle suspension, pendular axle adapts to uneven road conditions.

hydraulic suspension pendular axle telescopic trailer

8. The lifting cylinder enables the trailer to automatically respond to harsh road conditions.

lifting cylinder for hydraulic suspension low boy trailer

9. Safety valve in hydraulic circuit.

10. Brake the air tank to ensure immediate braking.

11. The axle and suspension are easy to maintain.

12. Pneumatic and hydraulic quick couplings.

13. Dual circuit hydraulic system ensures safe working condition

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