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Rui trailer offers a total modular trailer solution from G module (which full combination with Goldhofer THP/SL well), N module (which have good cost performance with price reasonable and performance acceptable), S module (685mm of lowest platform height of modular trailer on the market) and J module (super low platform 380mm only and good sell for Japan market), additional a variety of model which are able to Compatible with European trailers, such as Nicolas MDED, Scheuerle InterCombi, Kamag K25, Cometto MS and all necessary accessory like Gooseneck, Drop Deck, Spacer, High Girder Bridge, Vessel Bridge, Turntable windmill rotor-blade adapters, wind blade lifter, Extendable spacer, Telescopic beam, Split, Side by Side, 3 file combination…. for we deploy the production that meet the needs of the all your need of heavy duty transportation equipment.

Type of Modular Trailer

Multi-axle trailers, also known as multi-axle semi-trailers, are an essential component of the heavy goods transportation industry. These trailers are designed to carry large loads and improve stability on the road. One of the primary advantages of multi-axle trailers is their ability to evenly distribute weight. By having multiple axles, the weight of the cargo is spread out, minimizing the strain on individual axles and tires. This, in turn, helps prevent excessive wear and tear, as well as reduces the risk of accidents caused by overloading.
Such model Modular Trailers, able to Fully Compatible with German Goldhofer THP/SL module and self propelled PST/SL ,ready production of goldhofer trailer for sale.
Cost-Effective, Economical solution also works for heavy transportation. Min 780mm platform height, lowest dead weight on the market, up to 25 ton axle load.
We provide china made,heavy hydraulic multi axle with variety of model which are able to Compatible with European made trailers, along with self propelled added.
Multi Axle trailers is a series of special vehicles that is used to transport large cargos that are difficult to disassemble. The trailer is also used transport over-length goods.
This type of hydraulic multi axle trailer produces different series of single module trailers according to different axle loads, wheelbases, vehicle models, and other series of dimensions.

Modular Trailer Features and Advantages

Hydraulic modular trailer has the characteristics of strong loading capacity, safety and reliability, stable performance, and strong applicability. It can be transported independently or in the participation of many types of special project cargo. It is one of the indispensable road transportation vehicles in the current heavy duty transportation industry.
1. The hydraulic modular trailer adopts hydraulic cylinder as the suspension, and the hydraulic cylinder has the characteristics of super loading capacity, controllable and good stability. Using such a suspension system, the modular trailer has the advantages of being able to lift the loading platform, strong load, and good stability. With professional hydraulic multivalve control, the entire trailer loading platform can be raised or lowered and left or right, front, or rear lifting. To realize the inclined road surface and uphill and downhill road conditions, by adjusting the trailer loading platform is always level, the purpose of keeping loading cargo in a horizontal level is safe and reliable.
2. The modular trailer also has the function of longitudinal and lateral combination. How much to use, how much to take.
3. In order to achieve stronger mechanical strength and reduce its own weight, the modular trailer is mostly made of high strength steel above Q460
4. The main chassis of the modular trailer is welded by Q460/Q550/Q690 high strength steel, box-shaped design, high strength, not easy to deform, and can loading with concentrated load.
5. The module-to-module connection adopts the European Goldhofer, Cometto multi-group connection advantages:
A. High connection strength, not easy to break;
B. connection is convenient and can greatly improve the connection speed.
6. The suspension bogie and tie rod are welded structures, with high strength and excellence appearance.
7. Steering tie rod system:
A. The longitudinal tie rod adopts a double-row style, which can greatly reduce the left and right swing during the trailer driving.
B. The butterfly plate adopts a porous form, and there is no need to switch the steering plate when the trailer is connection or disconnected.
8. The modular trailer hydraulic and air pipeline adopts quick coupling connection, which make trailer connection is convenient, easy, and fast.
9. The hydraulic suspension cylinder body is made of cylinder pulling process, which has high strength, and the seals are all famous brand products, like Parker and Eton.
10. The shut off valve adopts the advantage of imported ball valve, which is fast to operate.
11. All shut off valves, seals and valve body are imported products.
12. The hydraulic suspension oil circuit adopts double pipeline system to ensure driving safety.
13. Hydraulic pin will use on modular connection
14. Both our G,N,and C model modular trailer can full combination with original Goldhofer,Nicolas and Cometto working well.

Application Scenarios and Uses

Modular trailer is widely in use of renewable energy power station construction, mining, metallurgy, chemical industry, hydro and thermal power generation equipment manufacturing, power station construction, heavy machinery manufacturing, oil fields, bridges, loading and unloading operations, railway construction, roll-on/roll-off and infrastructure.
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Customized your modular trailer, due to today challenge on transportation industry, we provide customized design for different kind of your need!
Modular Trailer: FAQ Guide
  • What is Modular Trailer ?
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    Multi-axle trailers, also known as multi-axle semi-trailers, are an essential component of the heavy goods transportation industry. These trailers are designed to carry large loads and improve stability on the road.
    One of the primary advantages of multi-axle trailers is their ability to evenly distribute weight. By having multiple axles, the weight of the cargo is spread out, minimizing the strain on individual axles and tires. This, in turn, helps prevent excessive wear and tear, as well as reduces the risk of accidents caused by overloading.
    Moreover, multi-axle trailers are known for their enhanced stability. With more axles, the weight distribution is improved, which makes them less prone to tipping over when navigating sharp turns or uneven terrain. This stability factor is particularly beneficial when transporting heavy and oversized cargo, as it ensures a safer journey for both the driver and other road users.
    Another advantage of these trailers is their increased load-carrying capacity. The multiple axles allow for a higher gross vehicle weight rating (GVWR), enabling the transport of larger and heavier loads. This makes multi-axle trailers ideal for industries such as construction, mining, and agriculture, where heavy machinery and equipment are frequently moved from one location to another.
    Furthermore, multi-axle trailers often come equipped with advanced suspension systems, such as hydraulic suspension. This technology helps to absorb shocks and vibrations, providing a smoother ride and minimizing the risk of damage to the cargo. Improved suspension also reduces the stress on the driver and enables them to have better control over the vehicle, enhancing overall safety.
    In terms of versatility, multi-axle trailers can be connected to different types of towing vehicles, such as trucks or prime movers. This flexibility allows for seamless integration into various transportation networks, ensuring efficient and effective delivery of goods.
    In conclusion, multi-axle trailers play a crucial role in the heavy goods transportation industry, offering numerous benefits including even weight distribution, improved stability, increased load-carrying capacity, advanced suspension systems, and versatility in terms of connection to different towing vehicles. These trailers are indispensable for safely and efficiently transporting heavy and oversized cargo, contributing to the smooth functioning of various industries.
  • What Is Main Combination and Accessory for Modular Trailer?
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    At present, almost all types of modular trailers for sale no matter it is Goldhofer modular trailer, Cometto modular trailer, Nicolas or Chinese one in the world adopt a combination structure that can be disassembled. The indivisible unit modular of each type of modular trailer axles generally have 2 to 7 axles, and special ones also have 8 axles per unit. These monobloc trailers of the same series can be combination together according to the size and weight of the transported cargos, modular trailers that constitute the required transportation of heavy cargo. Commonly used combinations of modular trailer mainly include:
    1. Universal/combination power Gooseneck
    2. Towing bar towing/ Swivel arm
    3. Self-propelled modular trailer
    4. Low profile drop deck/drop deck
    5. High girder bridge
    6. Long-Load Turntable...Read More
  • What Are the Advantages of Modular Trailers?
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    Modular trailers are a revolutionary transportation solution that offers immense flexibility and efficiency in the transportation of oversized and heavy cargo. Designed to adapt to the specific needs of each transport, these trailers consist of individual units or modules that can be interconnected to form a customized configuration. One of the key advantages of modular trailers is their ability to handle various load sizes and weights. With adjustable spacing between modules, the trailer can be elongated or shortened to accommodate cargo of different lengths. Moreover, additional modules can be added to increase carrying capacity, thus avoiding the need for multiple trips or excessive use of resources...Read More
  • What Is Different between Modular Trailer And SPMT?
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    The main difference between a modular trailer and an SPMT lies in their design and functionality. A modular trailer consists of interchangeable modules that can be assembled to create a larger trailer, while an SPMT is a self-propelled vehicle with individual wheel units for precise movement. Both are commonly used for heavy cargo transportation, but modular trailers are typically used for longer distances, while SPMTs are used for shorter distances or within confined areas...Read More
  • Introduction of Goldhofer Trailer Series
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    Goldhofer is a leading manufacturer of modular trailer with a wide range of product lines, We can offer a more cost-effective Goldhofer China model that is compatible with the Goldhofer axles. Our THP series: THP/SL, THP/SL (1800), THP/SL-S, THP/SL-L, THP/UT, THP/MT, THP/MI, THP/HL, THP/H...Read More
  • What Are the Classifications of Heavy-Duty Transport Vehicles?
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    From the functional, currently heavy-duty transportation vehicles are divided into three main kinds: non driven modular trailer (multi axle trailer), driven hydraulic vehicles (self-propelled modular transporter, SPMTs), and supporting transportation vehicle. If you classify as purpose of use, heavy duty vehicle can be divided into road heavy transport vehicles, industry transport vehicles (such as steel mills, shipyards, docks, etc.), and railway heavy transport vehicles in terms of use. Due to the lack of unified standards for the classification of ODC (Over Dimensional Cargo) logistics vehicles, Therefore, each manufacturer names according to their own customs...Read More
  • What Is The Best Way for Project Heavy Cargo Load?
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    Vessel bridge which couples with hydraulic modular trailer are suitable for transportation in wind tower, chemical vessel, large tanks, heavy cargo, and machinery. Steering, super low working platform, flexible and convenient turning, multi axle combination can be carried out according to the size and weight of the all kinds of special project cargos. Both sides beam of the goldhofer vessel bridge can be telescopic and retracted, the gooseneck go with hydraulic system which can up and down, the vessel bridge trailer can be extended and lowered to load, and the hydraulic suspension can automatically adjust balance, which can also be used separately which of gooseneck, vessel bridge and goldhofer china modular trailer. The hydraulic modular trailer is equipped with vessel bridge to ensuring the safety and stability of the goods during transportation...Read More
  • What Is A Multi Axle Trailer?
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    Multi axle trailer, also known as modular trailer, hydraulic modular trailer. The internationally famous multi axle trailer manufacturers are: SCHEUERLE (Germany), NICOLAS (France), COMETTO,cometto multi axle trailer (Italy), GOLDHOFER ,goldhofer multi axle trailer(Germany). The famous international using companies (large transport companies) are: MAMMOET (Netherlands), ALE (UK), Fagioli (Italy), SARENS (Belgium)...Read More
  • What Is SPMT? SPMTs Use in Port Crane/quay Crane Installation
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    SPMT (self propelled modular transporter), also known as self-propelled modular trailer, based on spmt trailer relocation scheme, is to use SPMT's flexible and safe combination, steering, lifting and other functions to transport the port crane on self propelled trailer for relocation. At present, relocation works for existing port cranes are not uncommon. The determination of the relocation plan needs to be comprehensively considered according to the actual conditions of the site, such as the starting location of the relocation, the relocation distance, the relocation period, the relocation cost, the impact on the operation, and the constraints of the surrounding environment...Read More
  • Challenge to lowest height, Modular trailer
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    The lowest height modular trailer has launched. it integrated with hydraulic power gooseneck, low profile drop deck, crawler deck, detachable gooseneck low bed ,steering axle trailer and multi axle trailer together. Gooseneck is full hydraulic power gooseneck, low profile deck is 9m and extend for another 4.5m in total. 2-line hydraulic modular trailer and another 4-line hydraulic multi axle trailer consists of the walking system. It can be easy and flexible combination, which like you put the 2-line modular trailer in rear or in front of the crawler deck all is fine to use. Hydraulic suspension can adjust the loading platform to a suitable height for loading and travelling...Read More

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