What Is SPMT? SPMTs Use in Port Crane/quay Crane Installation
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What Is SPMT? SPMTs Use in Port Crane/quay Crane Installation

Author: rui trailer     Publish Time: 11-14-2023      Origin: Site

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What Is SPMT? SPMTs Use in Port Crane/quay Crane Installation

At present, relocation works for existing port cranes are not uncommon. The determination of the relocation plan needs to be comprehensively considered according to the actual conditions of the site, such as the starting location of the relocation, the relocation distance, the relocation period, the relocation cost, the impact on the operation, and the constraints of the surrounding environment.

Disassembly and relocation scheme

This scheme is a traditional and commonly used quay crane relocation method, that is, the port crane is disassembled and disassembled into parts, and then assembled after being transferred to the destination by truck and ship. Advantages: mature construction organization procedures, experienced construction operators, low difficulty and low safety risks. Disadvantages: (1) After reinstallation, it has a certain impact on the overall technical condition of the yard crane itself; (2) It takes a long time to reinstall the equipment, which has a great impact on production; (3) The relocation cost is large.

SPMT (Self-propelled Modular Transporter) relocation scheme

SPMT (self propelled modular transporter), also known as self-propelled modular trailer, based on spmt trailer relocation scheme, is to use SPMT's flexible and safe combination, steering, lifting and other functions to transport the port crane on self propelled trailer for relocation.

SPMT move with quay crane

4 units SPMT transport port crane

SPMT in action move port crane

SPMT load ZPMC port crane

relocated port crane move by SPMT

Advantages of SPMT self propelled modular transporter:

(1) The cumbersome process of dismantling and reassembling in sections of the traditional relocation method is avoided, and the relocation process is smooth and smooth; 

(2) The impact on production is small, and it can be put into use after relocation; 

(3) Short relocation time; 

(4) There is no impact on the technical status of the quay crane. 

Disadvantages of SPMT self propelled modular transporter:

 (1) The driving speed of SPMT is slow, the transportation needs to cross the yard, and the relocation path is limited by the site, so the cargo yard transformation content will be more;

 (2) The cost of renting SMPT is higher.

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