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With the our EXTENDABLE TRAILER any self-supporting long load can be transported. The EXTENDABLE TRAILER is a trailer which can be put to work with the greatest efficiency and at the lowest possible transport costs. Our extendable trailers feature a flat, extendible load floor and hydraulic force steering. The very large steering angle makes the manoeuvrability of the our EXTENDABLE TRAILER exceptional. Moreover, this steering system ensures the maintenance costs are very low and tyre wear is kept to a minimum.

  • Extendable Low Bed Trailer
    Product description The extendable low bed trailer ,extendable lowboy trailer or say extendable double drop trailer is an economic and flexible solution for a multitude of different transport. This product family covers particularly versatile and extensive areas of application. Features Particularly versatile and extensive ■ 2 to 10 axles ■ High payload ■...
  • Extendable Steerable Trailer
    This extendable steerable trailer is a multiple extendable section with a closed length of 15 metres and an extended section reaching out to 45 metres. It has a 15 to 50 tonne capacity.
  • Extendable Pole Trailer
    extendable pole trailers are designed to safely haul pipe and poles down the highway and in rural areas where space and road condition are limited.
  • Extendable Flatbed Trailer
    The extendable flatbed trailer is a 2 to 6-axle flatdeck semi-trailer that is extendable up to four times to a maximum overall length of 65 metres.
  • Extendable Tri Axle Trailer
    Our extendable tri axle trailer feature a flat, extendible load floor and hydraulic force steering. The very large steering angle makes the manoeuvrability of the extendable tri axle trailer exceptional.
  • Extendable Semi Trailer
    Flatdeck/extendable semi-trailers are used for transporting long materials, steel and concrete constructions and the rotor blades for wind turbines among other things.
  • Hydraulic Extendable Trailer
    The hydraulic extendable trailer is available in 3x4 or 4x4 tyre configurations and can be customised to suit your transport requirements.
  • Extendable Platform Trailer
    Extendable Platform Trailer extends up to 22 m for carrying indivisible loads. Extendable platforms are multi-functional as they can also be used as a standard platform for longer length indivisible loads.
  • Extendable LowboyTrailer
    Heavy duty lowboy semi-trailer. Capacity: 100 ton. 4 x 20 Tons – Heavy Duty Rocking Beam Axles.
  • Stretch Trailer for Sale
    Rui trailer stretch trailer is designed with the telescopic function of beam, which can extend for a long length when transporting a super length of cargo,like windmill blade.Hence it is also called a telescopic trailer. The maximum length is over 70 meters, and the telescopic trailer can freely extend and retract, saving a lot of space when parking on the ground, making it popular among project cargo transport around the world.
  • Extendable Low Loader Trailer
    Depending on the purpose these versatile vehicles are equipped with with self-steering axles, hydr. steered axles or swing axle systems.
  • Extendable Drop Deck Trailer
    Our drop deck trailers now come in an EXTENDABLE version! Our most popular extendable trailers extend from a standard 45FT in length to an impressive 70FT while fully extended! WE CAN CUSTOMIZE THIS LENGTH TO YOUR SPECIFICATIONS!!

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