Stretch Trailer for Sale
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Stretch Trailer for Sale

Rui trailer stretch trailer is designed with the telescopic function of beam, which can extend for a long length when transporting a super length of cargo,like windmill blade.Hence it is also called a telescopic trailer. The maximum length is over 70 meters, and the telescopic trailer can freely extend and retract, saving a lot of space when parking on the ground, making it popular among project cargo transport around the world.
Product Description

Rui trailer stretch trailer have unique telescopic system. 


Firstly, parking the vehicle, then unplug the hydraulic and pneumatic pipe connector, and finally take out one of the pneumatic locks that secure the trailer beam. 


The lock cannot be pulled out at the same time, but can be fully fastened when retracting the vehicle. Press the button, and the hydraulic system will start. 

During the operation process, the trailer will use the truck driving force. By using the driving force generated by the truck, the telescopic crossbeam will be pulled out. Isn't it very simple?


With our stretch trailer, transportation is convenient. When facing large objects, it won't make driver feel headache. 

The telescopic trailer can easily and freely transport, and its strength is obvious. It has been transported the world's longest wind turbine blade since it made for.



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