What Is The Best Way for Project Heavy Cargo Load?
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What Is The Best Way for Project Heavy Cargo Load?

Author: rui trailer     Publish Time: 10-27-2023      Origin: Site

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Vessel bridge which couples with hydraulic modular trailer are suitable for transportation in wind tower, chemical vessel, large tanks, heavy cargo, and machinery.

vessel bridge load with chemical vessel on road

vessel bridge trailer on road

vessel bridge in loading with tank

vessel bridge trailer in Malaysia

vessel bridge trailer carry with tank on road in Malaysia

vessel bridge trailer with multi axle trailer

two vessel bridge trailers go with modular trailer

Goldhofer vessel bridge truck Scania


Steering, super low working platform, flexible and convenient turning, multi axle combination can be carried out according to the size and weight of the all kinds of special project cargos. Both sides beam of the goldhofer vessel bridge can be telescopic and retracted, the gooseneck go with hydraulic system which can up and down, the vessel bridge trailer can be extended and lowered to load, and the hydraulic suspension can automatically adjust balance, which can also be used separately which of gooseneck, vessel bridge and goldhofer china modular trailer. The hydraulic modular trailer is equipped with vessel bridge to ensuring the safety and stability of the goods during transportation.


Vessel bridge is designed several beams on the middle of the modular trailer, and connect them to the two-end load-bearing part of the trailer to make it longer. After lengthening, the two main beams can also move outward to make the entire modular trailer wider to meet transportation needs.

vessel bridge in loading test

vessel bridge trailer in loading test

goldhofer vessel bridge in loading test

China Goldhofer vessel bridge in loading test

Goldhofer vessel bridge with 140 ton- counter-weight

vessel bridge trailer with multi axle trailer in testing

vessel bridge trailer with full loading test

vessel bridge trailer on road-test in Malaysia

This vessel bridge with variable length and width and steering function is highly practical, shortening and narrowing when unloaded, and the modular trailer also comes with a lifting axle function, making it flexible and fuel-efficient when unloaded; During transportation, the modular trailer length can be adjusted according to the size of the transportation equipment, and the steering is flexible, making it a best tool for transporting heavy duty cargo.

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