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What is main combination and accessory for modular trailer

Author: rui trailer     Publish Time: 10-16-2023      Origin: Site

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At present, almost all types of modular trailers for sale no matter it is Goldhofer modular trailer, Cometto modular trailer, Nicolas or Chinese one in the world adopt a combination structure that can be disassembled. This type of hydraulic multi axle trailer produces different series of single module trailers according to different axle loads, wheelbases, vehicle models, and other series of dimensions. 

The indivisible unit modular of each type of modular trailer axles generally have 2 to 7 axles, and special ones also have 8 axles per unit. These monobloc trailers of the same series can be combination together according to the size and weight of the transported cargos, modular trailers that constitute the required transportation of heavy cargo.

the modular trailer combination

Adopting a multi axle modular trailer has the following advantages:

The interface standards for vehicles of the same type are highly unified, which is conducive to resource allocation;

Suitable module unit combinations can be selected based on the size and weight of the goods, achieving efficient utilization, flexible and reliable results, and high comprehensive cost-effectiveness;

Can be purchased in batches to reduce financial pressure;

High universality of components, reducing maintenance costs.

the accessory for modular trailer

Corresponding to the characteristics of the above modules, commonly used combinations of modular trailer mainly include:

1. universal/combination power Gooseneck

We usually refer to a gooseneck trailer as a semi-trailer. On a hydraulic modular trailer, a standardized hydraulic power gooseneck is connected to a standardized axle module, making the hydraulic full trailer have the performance of a semi-trailer. It not only ensures high flexibility in use, but also has the high load-bearing performance of hydraulic modular trailer. Usually, combination power Goosenecks can only be used in combination with standard modular trailer.

2. towing bar towing/ Swivel arm

A flatbed trailer, commonly known as a trailer, is a towing bar towing trailer when applied to hydraulic modular trailer. The drawbar mode has the longest history and are widely used, and can use Center pulling device P (1+1/2) to make one and half combination of 4.5m modular trailer dimensions or use Center pulling device P (1+1) to make side by side combination to 6.2m modular trailer dimensions.

3. Self-propelled modular trailer

A self-propelled modular transporter is the abbreviation for a SPMT. As the name suggests, a self-propelled modular trailer is a self-propelled multi axle trailer that comes with its own power, PPU (power pack unit) and can walk on its own. It mainly consists of two components: a self-propelled modular trailer (generally divided into a 4-axle module and a 6-axle module unit) and a power unit (hereinafter referred to as PPU).

4. low profile drop deck/drop deck

The low profile drop deck adopts a specially made drop deck platform that is rigidly connected between two modular trailers. The drop deck hydraulic modular trailer can greatly reduce the transportation height, ensuring the pass ability of over-high goods. It is combined with the front and rear modules to form a low bed multi axle trailer, which rise and down with the lifting of the hydraulic modular trailer and turn with the turning of the drop deck modular trailer.

5. High girder bridge

High girder bridge is a specialized equipment for transporting oversized or concentrated cargos, like transformers, starter. High girder bridge is generally composed of two separate modular trailers and a set of High girder bridge. The weight of the cargos is divided into two through the High girder bridge, and the weight is evenly distributed between the front and rear multi axle trailers. This not only reduces the axle load of the hydraulic trailer, but also effectively reduce the turning radius of multi axle trailer, while reducing the operating height of the cargos, enabling long-distance transportation of oversized and overweight cargos and cross bridge transportation It is possible to limit transportation beyond the height limit. This type of High girder bridge is equipped with a turn table in front and rear, which can move left and right, making it flexible to turn, but it has high technical requirements for operation. At the same time, due to the large front and rear span, this type of High girder bridge requires a large sweeping area and effective passing chord length during operation.


The combination form of a long cargo multi axle flatbed trailer is like a high girder bridge modular trailer, except that the cargo itself serves as a girder bridge, and the cargo is connected to the front and rear turn tables, forming a series of multi axle hydraulic modular trailer system through the combination of front heavy duty modular trailer, turn table, cargo, turn table, and rear modular platform trailer. This multi axle modular trailer is suitable for transporting various tubular and tower shaped long goods. However, as the goods themselves are part of the trailer, they need to drive the rear modular forward, reverse, turn, up and down slopes, etc. Therefore, such long goods themselves need to have a certain rigidity and strength.

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