Self-steering Axle Give Great Benefit for Multi Axle Trailer
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Self-steering Axle Give Great Benefit for Multi Axle Trailer

Author: rui trailer     Publish Time: 11-05-2023      Origin: Site

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The self-steering axle steering axle low bed trailer adopts goldhofer multi axle trailer and cometto multi axle trailer advantage and the height of the loading platform is 930 mm. when the self steering axle trailer body turns, its fully automated steering system can control each wheel automatically steer, so that the wheels are steered to the angle compatible with the angle of the self steering axle trailer, which reveals its maximum maneuverability.

self steering axle steering axle

8 axle self steering axle trailer

self steering axle system

8 axle multi axle modular trailer

8 axle multi axle hydraulic multi axle trailer

hydraulic multi axle trailer in loading test

8 axle extendable multi axle low bed trailer

 two units multi axle hydraulic trailer ready for delivery

Benefits of self-steering axle system technology

(1)   Compliance with the Ackermann steering principle

Base on automotive theory, if the multi axle modular trailer can be normal steering, the value of the angle of its wheels must be consistent with the Ackermann angle theory, that is, the normal of each wheel intersects at a point, which is called the steering center of the rear steering axle trailer. When the trailer steering axle assembly steering, self-steering axle system for trailers can make each wheel in the trailer's entire steering process in accordance with the Ackerman angle theory in the corner value coordination, so that each semi trailer steering axle in the steering process is basically in the rolling state. While the steering trailer in the steering, wheel angle cannot meet the value of Ackermann cornering theory, so in the process of steering, there is a serious friction between the wheels and the ground. The performance of a larger turning radius and side slip phenomenon.

(2)  Reduced tire wear, more economical in the long time running.

The tire wear on multi axle hydraulic modular trailer systems using self-steering axle technology is significantly reduced. Statistically, the wear and tear of tires occupies a major part of the operating and maintenance costs of your hydraulic multi axle trailer business. The selling price of multi axle trailer with steering axle for trailer technology is higher than that of ordinary low bed trailer, but considering the long-term use of the low boys, due to good stress conditions, less maintenance, and less tire replacement, it is more economical.

(3) Reduction of turning radium

Compared with the wheels do not have self-steering function multi axle low bed trailer, its wheels have steering function, turning radius of multi axle trailer will less and will requires less road width. The self-steering semi-trailer can realize the 18° to 20 ° between the follower steering axle, the minimum turning radius is much smaller than normal rigid axle low bed trailer.

(4) Contributes to Fuel Economy

Multi axle trailer with active all-wheel steering have better fuel economy than non-steering multi-axle semi-trailers.

(5) Compliance with road legislation trends

multiple axle trailers damage to roads is mainly produced by long-term overloading and tire wear on the road

surface. With the development of road transport, the road protection will become stronger and stronger. Therefore, the state will be more and more strict on the multi-axle trailer single axle load limit, and the steering performance requirements of the multi-axle hydraulic trailer vehicles will be higher and higher. Today multi-axle steering technology has been quite popular, to solve the contradiction between high transport efficiency and highway protection, some countries and regions even stipulate in the regulations that multi axle flatbed trailer must have multi-axle steering function.

Moreover, this self-steering axle system does not require additional electrical and pneumatic control equipment, which makes it cheaper and more economical. The steering of this semi trailer steering axle is achieved by an ingenious mechanical design, this trailer steering axle is designed with a unique steering assembly with an ingenious design between the bearing bush of the axle and the main pin block assembly, which are articulated by a corrugated structure that engages with each other. When the multi axle trailer is travelling straight, the weight of the trailer engages the upper and lower corrugated grooves tightly to keep the wheels travelling in a straight line. When turning, the lateral friction of the trailer will push the corrugated bearings underneath to rotate (the corrugated washer slides inside the groove with the change of the load), which drives the wheels to steer, and the design ensures that the lateral friction between the wheels and the ground is better released when the trailer is turning and at the same time, a smaller turning radius is realized.

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