Rui trailer’s low bed trailer and advantage
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Rui trailer’s low bed trailer and advantage

Author: rui trailer     Publish Time: 08-29-2023      Origin: Site

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Rui's low bed trailer, also known as a lowboy trailer or low loader, is a type of semi-trailer that is designed with a low platform height (normally deck height is less than 1 m height). The lowbed trailers deck height is much lower than a conventional trailer(normally flatbed trailer height is 1,600mm), allowing for the transportation of oversized(over height)and heavy equipment(crane, wheel loader and so on construction machine) or cargo that cannot be transported by container trailer chassis.


low bed trailer


lowbed trailers


low bed trailers

Advantages of Rui's low bed trailer include:

1. loading capacity: Low bed trailers have a higher loading capacity compared to standard flatbed trailers. Low bed trailers are designed to safely transport heavy and bulky items such as construction machinery, oversized vehicles, industrial equipment, or oversized containers.

2. Stability: The low center of gravity provided by the lowbed trailer improves stability during transportation. This is especially important when carrying large and heavy loads, as it reduces the risk of tipping or swaying.

3.Height clearance: with low deck height of a lowbed allows for transporting over height and oversized cargo that would otherwise exceed height limitation on highways, bridges, or flyover.

4. Versatility: low boy bed offer versatility in loading and unloading cargo. They usually have ramps or hydraulic systems that facilitate the easy loading and offloading of heavy equipment, such as bulldozers or excavators.

5. Safety: Low bed trailers often come with safety features like chains, straps, and load securement points to prevent shifting or damage to the cargo during transit. Additionally, the lowboy bed height helps reduce the risk of accidents caused by excessive height or overloading.

6. Accessibility: The low deck height of a low bed semi trailer makes it easier to load and transport oversized cargo, even in areas with restricted access or limited overhead clearance.


lowbed trailer




container trailer chassis

Overall, the low bed trailer's design provides optimal transportation capabilities for heavy and oversized loads, offering greater convenience, safety, and efficiency compared to standard trailers.

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