Wind Energy Advantages And Disadvantages
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Wind Energy Advantages And Disadvantages

Author: rui trailer     Publish Time: 04-17-2024      Origin: Site

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Part 01. disadvantages of wind energy

With the gradual rise of new energy, solar and wind energy are increasingly playing an important role in energy supply. Since we are now vigorously developing wind power resources, why is wind power still called garbage power? I think this has something to do with the "past life" of wind power.

1. Wind power has great damage to the climatic conditions of the construction site. First, it will change the direction of the wind, and it is understood that the crops planted in the wind direction under the wind turbine are not in a good state of growth. Secondly, it will have an impact on the local temperature, so that the night temperature and daytime land temperature will show a downward trend.

2. The instability of wind power. Wind power is mainly to convert wind energy into mechanical energy, and then convert mechanical energy into electrical energy by generators, in which the power obtained by the wind wheel is proportional to the cubic of the wind speed the power of power generation will also change when the wind speed changes, which leads to the instability of the supply of electric energy.

3. Damage to birds by wind blades. Every wind turbine has an aviation light on its cabin, which attracts some birds at night, resulting in injuries from the blades.

4. Noise hazards emitted by fans. The first is to affect the migratory paths of birds, leaving them driven and disturbed. The second is that noise affects the normal life of residents.

Damage to birds by wind turbine blades

wind turbine blade hurt birds

Part 02. advantages of wind energy

The above lists the disadvantages of wind power, so why will wind power continue to develop vigorously? In fact, there are pros and cons to everything, and the advantages of wind power are clear, and there are many measures that have been taken to address them. 1. As a clean energy source, wind power can fit the future development trend, replace more fossil fuels as energy supply, and reduce carbon emissions.  

2. Wind energy is inexhaustible, there will be no energy crisis problem, and it is widely distributed and the cost is low.

3. In view of the instability of wind power, energy storage technology is being vigorously developed to store the electricity generated by wind turbines and use it when needed.

4. Harm to birds. According to a study by the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), tall buildings can kill thousands of times as many birds as wind turbines, which is clearly an overstatement of the damage that wind turbines can cause to birds.

5. The noise of the fan will cause noise hazards to the residents, but many fans are now built in a higher place away from people. Who is better in terms of noise and waves emitted by today's fast-growing offshore wind power?

Wind energy is inexhaustible

wind energy Harm to birds

Part 03. wind energy benefits and disadvantages

There are two sides to the existence of things, and we cannot deny the changes it makes. I believe that in the future, clean energy such as wind energy will develop even faster, contributing to the energy transition and leaving more blue skies and green grass for our children and grandchildren.

wind energy benefits and disadvantages

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