How Do You Transport And Lift Wind Turbine Blades? Introduction of Blade Lifter
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How Do You Transport And Lift Wind Turbine Blades? Introduction of Blade Lifter

Author: rui trailer     Publish Time: 01-08-2024      Origin: Site

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Wind farms are usually built on high mountains, and extendable trailers transporting wind turbine blades travel to the top of the mountain through rugged mountain roads or villages is impossible. Blade lifter brings great challenges to the transportation of wind turbine blades, and the rotor blade adaptor for wind turbine blades can complete this arduous task. The general length of ordinary blade trailer is about 50 meters or more, and the turning has faced great challenges when passing on provincial roads and national highways, and the slow turning often causes road congestion, and the pass ability is relatively poor. There are many names for wind turbine blade transportation vehicles, such as blade lifter, rotor blade adapter, rotor blades, etc. This is all based on the advantages of the foundation. As the name suggests, the blade lifter has a good lifting function, when encountering large trees, tunnels and other height restrictions during transportation, the blade lifter can lift the wind turbine blades, the lifting angle is usually about 45 degrees, and at the same time, the wind turbine blades on the adapter can be rotated to avoid complex road conditions. When transporting the wind turbine blades to the wind farm, the extended trailer completes the mission, and the blade lifter for the wind turbine blades will complete the task of transporting the wind blades to the top of the mountain. This is also why everyone will call the blade lifter as a mountain cross transport tool.





What is a blade lifter? Rotor blade adapter, rotor blades, wind blade transporter, wind turbine blade transporter, 56 meters, 62 meters, 70 meters hydraulic steering wind turbine blade trailer. This is the best solution to avoid obstacles such as buildings and trees effectively, especially when driving on steep hills or narrow winding mountain roads. The wind mill mainly includes wind blades, nacelles, hubs and towers, and each component is OOG transportation, which requires professional wind turbine blade trailer for transportation. In the case of wind blades, the length is very long, which becomes the main feature that distinguishes it from other equipment. Considering the particularity of the length of wind turbine blades, the currently built mountain wind farms usually use blade lifter of wind turbine blade transportation to complete the transportation of the longest wind turbine blades.

Product introduction of blade lifter:

Compared with the extendable trailer, the blade lifter can lift, swing and rotate the wind turbine blades. On the way, it can avoid various obstacles such as trees, mountains, and wires, effectively solve the problem of blade transportation in steep mountainous areas, and directly lift the wind blades by the rotary adapter. In the event of high winds, the blades can be rotated 360 degrees to avoid the wind and are balanced by counterweights to ensure safe transportation.

Loading process of blade lifter:

1.After cranes lift the blades, the blade lifter moves to the position directly below the root of the blades.

2. The wind turbine blade is connected with the flange of the blade lifter.

3. Complete the loading of the blade lifter.

Advantages of blade lifter:

1. The maximum rotation angle of the wind turbine blades is 360°

2. The maximum rotation angle of the platform is 360°

3. Inclination up to 60°

4. Radio remote control with wind speed, cross slope, wind turbine blade position, titling position

5. The blade lifter slewing base can be combined with modular trailer and heavy-duty multi axle trailer.

6. The height of the blade lifter can be from 500mm to 1000mm

7. Self-balancing counterweight ensures the stability and safety of transportation

8. Suitable speed for complex mountain roads: 20km/h

9. The maximum transport length of blades is more than 100m

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