How To Transport Wind Turbine Blades Blade Lifter
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How To Transport Wind Turbine Blades Blade Lifter

Author: rui trailer     Publish Time: 12-03-2023      Origin: Site

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In the wind turbine blade transportation field, we have wind blade trailer, blade lifter wind turbine, we can provide various transportation solutions for the majority of users in the wind blade transport.  In contrast to the extendable trailer, the turbine blade lifter can lift, swing and rotate the wind turbine blades. On the way, blade lifter transport can avoid various obstacles such as trees, mountains, and wires, effectively solve the problem of transportation of wind blades in steep mountainous areas, and directly lift the wind blades by the rotary frame. In the event of strong winds, the wind turbine blades can be rotated 360 degrees to avoid the wind and are balanced by counterweights to ensure safe transportation.

blade lifter

blade lifter trailer

rotor blade adaptor

blade lifter transport


The rotor blade adaptor or say blade adaptor has the characteristics of stable and reliable structure, low overall center of gravity, and convenient operation. rotor adapter mounted on modular trailer or SPMT, and the overall height is 4400mm after installation, which reduces the overall center of gravity height and improves the stability of the vehicle, and provides a safety guarantee for the transport wind blades to adapt to different road conditions.

Adopt 6-cylinder diesel engine and 40ml piston pump to provide sufficient power for the rotor blade adaptor to achieve rotation, lifting and pitching.  

The overall rotation of the blade lifter trailer is 360 degrees, and 4 hydraulic motors are used, and the blade pitch adopts 2 hydraulic motors, which not only ensures the balance and synchronization, but also strengthens the power.  

The cylinder is on the opposite side of the wind blade and is installed below. The lifting arm is enlarged, so that the actual demand pressure on the hydraulic system is reduced.  

In order to meet the different sizes of customers' transport wind turbine blades, two detachable counter weight boxes are installed in the front, which can be deployed according to the situation.  

The overall structure has a relatively reduced requirement for counterweight, which reduces the total weight when fully loaded to ensure the safety during transportation.  

wind turbine blade lifter is made of high-strength steel, which not only ensures the overall safety but also reduce the overall weight, and improves the economy and convenience in the return trip.

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