Hydraulic Lifting System For Self-propelled Hydraulic Module Truck
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Hydraulic Lifting System For Self-propelled Hydraulic Module Truck

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 08-24-2018      Origin: Site

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Self-propelled hydraulic modular trailer All the rocking bridges are connected to the flat plate by the tumbling bogie. The tumbling bogies are equipped with cantilever and hydraulic support cylinders, which are connected by a tumbling spherical coupling, so that the lateral force does not act on the sealed guide sleeves. on. The hydraulic suspension leg compensation device with the sway bridge can ensure that the legs are balanced in the range of the traverse height. When the local unevenness occurs, the device can also prevent the individual legs from being overloaded. Therefore, the load center of gravity should be at the center of the vehicle. .

The azimuth measuring system monitors the orientation of the lifting hydraulic cylinder at the outer corner of the axis through a displacement sensor installed in the lifting hydraulic cylinder, and the sensor transmits the orientation of the axis to the synchronous lifting system control device through the modification of the positive displacement amount thereof, and electronically controls The synchronous lifting system ensures that the load path rises or falls on the ground in parallel with the 25m touch of the village.

In addition to the synchronous lifting, the load path can also be used to control the individual support points to be lifted and lowered by the operating handle. When the single support point is overloaded by 10%, the system will display and have an alarm. When the overload exceeds 10%, the load path will not rise any more. However, it can only be lowered. In order to ensure safety, at least the load path of the load shall be left at least 9 mm in the carrying process and shall not be lifted or lowered to the limit position of the hydraulic cylinder.

Others support the three- or four-point support of the load path by changing the opening and closing of the ball valve on the hydraulic oil circuit. The self-propelled modular transporter (SPMT) is equipped with an electronic overspeed safety device to prevent the vehicle from running too fast on the very slippery ground or driving the suspension to lose traction. The hydraulic motor is over-speed and disengaged from other hydraulic motors. The device can also be used as an independent device. The locking device prevents movement of a single drive wheel.

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