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Rotor Blade Adaptor

Author: rui trailer     Publish Time: 07-09-2019      Origin: Site

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The wind turbine is composed of base ring, tower barrel, engine room, hub and blade. The height of the fan is 70 meters, the diameter is 4 meters at the bottom and 3.5 meters at the top. The single wind mill unit is more than 120 tons. The engine room is installed on the tower barrel. Generator units are stored in the cabin. The length of the   blade is 43.5 meters, the diameter of the wind wheel is 89 meters, the cabin weight is 60 tons, the longest single tower barrel is 24 meters, and the weight is 41 tons. In the process of transportation, there are high requirements for roads, especially for turning radius and slope. 

blade parts are large, plain transportation can be completed by ordinary vehicles, but here encounter trees, mountains will increase the difficulty of transportation! Because oil and gas pipelines are parallel, road construction measures of wind farm are limited, most of them are excavated by manual chiseling, mechanical excavation, hydraulic fragmentation and other methods. Because of the geological looseness along the road, although the road has been excavated, landslides often break in the face of heavy rain,the rotor blade adaptor will help you on this.

Affected by climate and geological conditions, the progress of mountain wind power projects is slow. 26 kilometers of mountain road excavation! In the process of wind farm construction, there is a large amount of transportation. Tower barrel and  blade are the most representative. A single  tower barrel weighs more than 100 tons, the center of gravity is scattered behind, the driving force of the transportable multi axle trailer is forward, and the center of gravity of the tower barrel is backward when going up the hill. If the driving wheel can not be effectively pressed, the blade lifter can not produce enough traction force. The solution is to keep the slope below 12 degrees as far as possible.

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