Static Pressure Drive System For Self-propelled Hydraulic Module Truck
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Static Pressure Drive System For Self-propelled Hydraulic Module Truck

Author: rui trailer     Publish Time: 08-03-2018      Origin: Site

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The SPMT vehicle adopts the static pressure drive system with electronic control, the electronic synchronous control hydraulic lifting system suspension, the all-wheel independent steering, the frame hydraulic leveling and the three-point/four-point support technology, which can realize the carpool intermodal load function and drive. The functions of each system such as lifting, lifting and steering are all controlled by the CAN bus connected to the microprocessor unit.

Due to its high maneuverability, flexible steering, good coordination and low requirements for the use environment, SPMT is especially suitable for equipment transfer at the construction site and long and short distance transportation of sections and large sections. A wide range of applications cannot be replaced by other means of transportation.

SPMT uses a static pressure drive system. The drive system consists of a diesel engine and a hydraulic oil pump coupled to the drive, steering and lifting system. The adjustable axial piston pump acts on the plunger motor mounted on the drive shaft and is electronically controlled. The system increases the efficiency and safety of the drive system.

The SPMT trailer drive system operates in a closed loop with the same control and regulation functions as the automatic transmission system, so there is no possibility of diesel engine overload or unplanned shutdown while the vehicle is running. By adjusting the rotational speed of the diesel engine by the accelerator pedal, the hydraulic oil amount of the driving pump is automatically adjusted according to the rotational speed of the diesel engine, and accordingly, the gear ratio between the driving pump and the different hydraulic motors also changes, thereby changing the traveling speed.

The self-propelled modular trailer (SPMT) is equipped with an electronic overspeed safety device to prevent the vehicle from running too fast on the very slippery ground or driving the suspension to lose traction. The hydraulic motor is over-speed and disengaged from other hydraulic motors. The device can also be used as an independent device. The locking device prevents movement of a single drive wheel.

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