Why Does The Wind Turbine Blade Rotate Clockwise?
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Why Does The Wind Turbine Blade Rotate Clockwise?

Author: rui trailer     Publish Time: 04-02-2024      Origin: Site

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Origin of the wind turbine blade

The origin of the wind turbine was the windmill, and the early windmills were not bound by clockwise or counterclockwise regulations, so much so that both forms existed. At that time, one was able to see two spinning types of windmills in one place at the same time. As a typical example of the Dutch windmills, in fact, the vast majority do not rotate clockwise, but counterclockwise. The Dutch windmill, which was first introduced from Germany, gradually showed its own characteristics in the collision and integration with the local culture, but due to its age, the reason for the use of counterclockwise rotation is no longer possible

wind turbine blade in transport

The innovation of the windmill

As the innovation of the windmill, most of the wind turbines adopt the opposite direction of rotation to the early windmills, that is, rotate clockwise. Why not continue with the previous way of counterclockwise rotation? In fact, the clockwise rotation method was born in the competition of the market. At first, wind turbines were still counterclockwise, and to show the characteristics of their own brands, emerging companies can only be competitive and attract everyone's attention by launching innovative points that are different from their predecessors. With the preference of this product in the market and the increasing number of customers, clockwise rotating wind turbines have gradually become mainstream. At the same time, in the eyes of people, wind turbine blade shape means smooth sailing, and people are willing to pay for emotions, in view of this, the government to unify management, stipulates that subsequent wind turbines must adopt clockwise rules, which also promotes "clockwise" to become the mainstream.

wind turbine blade for clean energy

Why clockwise

From the perspective of electricity and magnetism in physics, when other physical quantities are constant, changing the direction of motion of the moving conductor will only change the direction of the current, and the power generation performance of the wind turbine will not be different. Very few people pay attention to the direction of rotation of the blades, and we seem to be used to the existence of this phenomenon. In fact, most of the rotating bodies we encounter in daily life rotate clockwise, such as electric fans and clocks, etc., which makes us gradually accustomed to it and forms a unified clockwise rotation rule. Most of the population is in the Northern Hemisphere, and most of the wind turbines and equipment in the Northern Hemisphere are designed in a clockwise direction, which is related to the direction of the Earth's rotation. The Coriolis force generated by the Earth's rotation causes the wind in the Northern Hemisphere to deflect to the right, so wind turbines in the Northern Hemisphere are usually designed to rotate clockwise, and vice versa in the Southern Hemisphere.

wind turbine blade clockwise rotate

Epilogue of wind turbine blade analysis

At present, there is data showing that due to the change in atmospheric flow characteristics caused by the diffusion of wake downstream, the counterclockwise rotating wind turbine in the northern hemisphere can generate more electricity, and it may be rotated counterclockwise in the future.

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