What Is A Rotor Blade Adaptor/blade Lifter And How To Operation Blade Lifter?
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What Is A Rotor Blade Adaptor/blade Lifter And How To Operation Blade Lifter?

Author: rui trailer     Publish Time: 01-31-2024      Origin: Site

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With the rapid development of clean energy, wind turbine blade transport can be seen everywhere, from the vast grassland to the rolling mountains, from the Gobi Desert to the vast sea, a huge "windmill" row station, waiting for the wind to come. Wind turbine equipment includes wind turbine blades, nacelles, hubs and towers, etc., each component is an oversized object for ordinary road transportation, and must be transported by professional equipment, which is what we call wind blade adaptor. One of the most difficult is transporting the wind turbine blades, which are so long. Every step of the wind turbine blade is like a terrifying hurdle.  


rotor blade adaptor 


blade lifter

windmill blade dimensions is 97 meters long, 5 meters wide and weighs 30 tons...... Wind turbine blades are taller than a 30-story building

The longer the blades, the larger the swept area, and the greater the power generation. And this also means that the "dart masters" who transport these giants have more hurdles to break on the road, and the more difficult it is.

The destination of blade transportation transfer is located on a ridge, and the team needs to transfer six sets of 18 blades from the storage yard in the county town to the wind farm on the top of the mountain. To go up the mountain, you must first pass through the county seat. The turning radius of this jumbo reaches around 100 meters, and it is impossible to turn left directly, even on a wide road.    


wind blade adaptor


blade lifter 

Picture It takes more than 40 minutes to go straight first, then reverse to the right rear, and then go straight again, and make a left turn.  

After passing through the county seat, you have to pass through four towns and more than a dozen villages to reach the foot of the mountain. Nearly 20 kilometers of roads are lined with dense trees, houses and cables. In order to avoid obstacles, it is necessary to use a special large blade lifter to help the blades rotate 360 degrees and swing up and down within 60 degrees.

The lift is 26 meters long and is equipped with 46 tires that can rotate 180 degrees. The body size is huge, the force area is huge, and the U-shaped bend, the blade is at risk of slipping at any time; The turning angle is improper, and the blade lifter may roll over at any time.


blade lifter in working


rotor blade adaptor 

The higher you go, the steeper the slope becomes, with a 100-meter cliff on one side and a narrow and continuous S-bend on the other. When approaching the inner bend, blade lifter should find the right time to raise the wind turbine blades high in advance, and rotor blade adaptor should cooperate with the blade height to find the right tire turning angle.    With each inward bend, the tip of the wind turbine blade almost grabs the rock wall. When encountering a large curvature of the outer bend, blade lifter has to lower the wind turbine blades in advance. The wind is strong on the mountain, and the 97-meter-long blades cannot face the wind head-on in a high state, so lowering the attitude can reduce the wind surface. At this point, every step of the driver needs to be just right!


wind blade adaptor

3 units blade lifter in working

blade lifter

Transporting 100-metre-long blades is a great thing, and the team must first have superb driving skills, but also care, patience, perseverance, and close cooperation with each other. To become that "someone else" is the team's great original intention, and if you want to do it, you will do your best. We all need such a benchmarking spirit in all walks of life, and our career is also achieved by thousands of such ordinary but amazing people.

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