What Is Girder Bridge FAKTOR 5 From Goldhofer
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What Is Girder Bridge FAKTOR 5 From Goldhofer

Author: rui trailer     Publish Time: 12-03-2023      Origin: Site

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How Did The German Goldhofer FAKTOR 5 High Girder Bridges with A Load of 650 Tons Be Done

The FAKTOR 5 high girder bridge consists of a girder body and a multi-axle trailer that is responsible for carrying the girder bridges.

500 ton girder bridge

500 ton high girder bridge


high girder bridge

Modular design

The complete high girder bridge is very large and considerable, Goldhofer trailer designed it to be easy to disassemble and assemble in the form of components, and the size of all components follow the principle that it can be transported in containers, the whole bridge girder transporter only needs to use 2*20' GP and 3*40' flat rack containers to pack all the components into boxes, which is very suitable for long-distance transshipment. This is a self-evident economy and convenience for transportation companies that often turn to overseas business.

Transport module

As the core unit of the Goldhofer modular trailer, the THP/SL modular trailer is very powerful, and it is available in different combination, which can be combined in series or parallel at will. Each axle line consists of two sets of pendulum axles, which are compensated in the transverse and longitudinal directions, allowing them to cope with rough roads, and the hydraulic suspension system of the THP/SL modular trailer allows the height to be adjusted manually and freely, which is particularly useful when loading and unloading, as can be seen from the fact that the THP/SL modular trailer is very similar to Scheuerle's Inter Combi multi axle trailer.

High Girder Bridge

The components of the High Girder Bridge are very diverse, and the main components of the FAKTOR 5 High Girder Bridge are as follows.  

One is the cantilever. The cantilever with a base is the most important component, which is responsible for the connection to the modular trailer and the control of the main girder. At the base of the cantilever is a wide rectangular base that can be easily fixed to the load-bearing surface of the modular trailer. The cantilever and the base are not rigidly connected, but adopt a stable alternate balance system, that is, the two are supported by cross-shaped four-point support, and each support point has a retractable hydraulic cylinder, in order to avoid the drastic change of the road surface to bring excessive acceleration impact to the transported object, the accumulator (filled with gas) is connected to each cylinder, and the hydraulic oil can be circulated between the cylinder and the accumulator by using air pressure balance, so as to automatically adjust the position of the four cylinders to achieve a stable balance to reduce the external impact.  

The second is the main girder.

The main girder, also known as the load beam, is located in the middle area of the bridge girder, which is projected outside the modular trailer and can be adjusted to the length of the load area by combining different number of girder components in the range of 11 to 17 m or even longer.  

Three side girders.

The side girder refers to the section of the girders directly above the modular trailer, which is used to connect the cantilever and the main girder, the length of which can also be adjusted by combining different numbers of side girders components. Generally speaking, the length of the side girder depends on the length of the modular trailer, and it wants to ensure that the projection of the main girder does not fall on the modular trailer. all the side girder pieces are connected by bolts , so as to facilitate disassembly and assembly.  

The fourth is the intelligent cross beam.

It is made up of a plurality of retractable tie rods, these tie rods are cross-spanned between the side girder on both sides with bolts, when adjusting the width of the high girder bridge, as long as the bolt that fixes the telescopic length in the tie rod is removed, the rod length can be automatically adjusted with the change of width, and the bolt with fixing can be inserted back after completion. Since the tie rod has multiple angles in the direction of connection with the side girder, the stability of the high girder bridge can be ensured.  

Fifth, hanging beam

There are 4 groups of hanging beam altogether, 2 in each group, are sleeved on the main girder, and in this way can conveniently and safely complete autonomous loading and unloading.  


The FAKTOR 5 trailer has a load-to-weight ratio of up to 5:1, thanks to Goldhofer's superb mechanical design capabilities, compared to the 1991 version, the main girder looks smaller and lighter, of course, this is inseparable from the progress of materials, welding, hydraulics and other technologies, the same load capacity and the lighter the dead weight, the lower the cost of transportation. The FAKTOR 5 can carry loads of up to 350 to 650 t in different configurations, which is sufficient for most transport tasks.   Several sets of longitudinal hydraulic cylinders on the cantilever of the main girder can control the height of the high girder bridge, and the travel range can reach 0~1 .8m, which is very useful, not only used to load and unload goods, but also can adjust the height at any time to adapt to the external situation during transportation. When pass under the height-limited highway flyover bridge, the height can be adjusted so that the bottom of the cargo is almost close to the ground; Or when the high girder bridge has to cross some obstacles with a certain height when turning, a lifting height of up to 1.8m becomes useful. Several groups of hydraulic cylinders transversely on the cantilever can adjust the width of the main girder, the range can reach 3~6.75m, plus the number of adjustments of the main girder components can change the length of the load area, FAKTOR5 the adaptability to the size of the cargo is super strong.

the standard choice is the previously described THP modular trailer with the prime mover, or the self propelled modular transporter PST from Goldhofer SPMT with PPU, eliminating the need for front and rear prime movers, so that the length of the whole vehicle can be shorter, and PST can be operated remotely, the flexibility of steering control is also higher, for short-distance transportation than the use of THP modular trailer has more advantages.

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