What Is The Different between Types of Low Bed And Their Application
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What Is The Different between Types of Low Bed And Their Application

Author: rui trailer     Publish Time: 02-17-2024      Origin: Site

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  1. lowboy flatbed trailer

    A lowboy flatbed trailer has a flatbed type, that is, the platform carrying the goods is a flatbed. The lowboy flatbed does not have a ramp. The lowboy gooseneck trailers are used to transport general heavy cargo. The lowboy semi-trailer cannot transport goods at a higher height like other semi-trailers. Due to the flatbed type, this type of lowboy trailers has a higher working platform than other lowbed trailers. The location of the working platform illustrates its limitations in the transportation of higher goods.

    Application: Standard 3-axle low bed semi-trailer can transport up to 40 tons. However, the load capacity can be increased by increasing the number of axles. The load capacity also depends on the type of axle. Some customers use axles with a higher carrying capacity depending on the weight of the goods being transported. In general, manufacturers can configure 13, 16, 18, and 20 tonnage axles according to the customer's transportation needs, so the low deck trailer can be customized to meet your standards according to the requirements of the cargo type.

    Advantages: One of the benefits of using a regular low bed truck is that lowbed is cost-effective. The low loader trailers are cheaper than other heavy-duty trailers. Another advantage is that the lowboy trailer length is longer.

  2. multi axle trailer

    This type of trailer is also known as a multi axle. The main feature of the multi axles is that it has a low cargo platform. The position of its load-bearing platform is even lower than the height of the tires.

    Advantages: The main advantage of the c multi axle trailer is its high stability. The structure reduces the height of the cargo's center of gravity, which improves stability during transportation.  

    Application: multi axle trailers are usually used to handle heavy equipment, cylinders, wind power towers, chemical tanks, and other heavy goods. It is most suitable for logistics and ODC transportation companies.

  3. Detachable gooseneck trailer

    Detachable gooseneck trailer refers to a heavy-duty low boy trailer with a gooseneck that can be mechanically or automatically disassembled from the carrying platform. The main use of this type of detach lowboy trailer consists of enabling the transported goods to climb from the front end of the detach trailer to the trailer flat deck.

  4. folding gooseneck trailer

    The folding neck is generally equipped with 4 hydraulic devices, the folding neck lowboy is used for the lifting of the gooseneck.

    Application: removable gooseneck trailer is versatile and is the most common type of rgn lowboy trailer. The RGN gooseneck trailer uses a hydraulic cylinder to remove the gooseneck. When loading cargos, the hydraulics lower and raise the RGN trailer as needed.

    Advantages: One benefit is that foldingtrailer is safer to load heavy loads from the front than from the rear or sides. Loading from the back is unsafe, especially when handling heavy equipment. The rear has ramps. As a result, long ramps are required to load heavy equipment. Heavy objects may fall from a ramp or from the rear onto a cargo platform. Such a fall can damage equipment or cargo even before transportation.


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