How dose blade lifter work with China today giant wind turbine blade
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How dose blade lifter work with China today giant wind turbine blade

Author: ruitrailer     Publish Time: 11-01-2023      Origin: Site

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Longer and longer wind turbine blades, higher and higher the difficulty of transportation. In recent years, the wind blade length has been continuously upgraded, and 100-meter wind blades have become more and more widely used.

blade lifter carry 100 m wind blade

china 191 blade lifter

goldhofer wind blade lifter on U turn

China blade lifter in Vietnam with goldhofer trailer MAN truck

With the all-round breakthrough in the design of wind turbine blades from length to material, the process of improving quality and efficiency of China's wind power industry is gradually accelerating. On the other hand, the geographical location of wind farms is usually relatively faraway, the road conditions are poor, and with the increase of wind turbine blade length, the wind turbine blades that are already out of limit are further increased, and the transportation cost also rises sharply.

China rotor blade adaptor in Vietnam with MAN truck Goldhofer trailer

rotor blade adaptor in use

3 units blade lifter in working

blade lifter carry with blade on off road

blade lifter on turning

China blade lifter cross sharp turning

blade lifter work on cometto trailer

China blade lifter work with Goldhofer axles

The wind turbine blade lifter can meet the needs of wind blade lifting and transport above 100 meters. Thanks to the hydraulic rear-wheel steering, lifting and balancing functions, the tooling can flexibly avoid obstacles such as mountains, trees, houses, and cables, effectively reduce the amount of wind farm road modification, and realize the effective transfer of 100-meter-level blades in mountain projects.

The blade lifter wind turbine is a specially designed operation device for the complex road transportation of wind turbine blades, it is different with Goldhofer blade lifter, Scheuerle blade lifter and Cometto blade lifter, which need SPMT blade lifter to carry, but same function to lifted wind turbine blade by hydraulic control during driving with modular trailer or multi axle trailer, and their own 360-degree rotation can avoid various constraints and obstacles during transportation, such as mountain slopes, trees, houses, bridges, tunnels, etc., which can reduce the tail sweeping area of the blades, greatly reduce the amount of road reconstruction work, shorten the road reconstruction period, and meet the insufficient turning radius to a certain extent, avoid obstacles such as mountain cliffs, building complexes, telephone poles and house demolition. It can also greatly reduce the total length of the blade transport trailer. Especially in mountainous areas, wind farms are limited by the road turning radius and blade lifter basically is the only way of transportation at present.

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