What Are The Types of Axles?
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What Are The Types of Axles?

Author: rui trailer     Publish Time: 02-05-2024      Origin: Site

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What are the types of axles?

A trailer axle is an axle mounted on a semi-trailer chassis, which is generally a support axle, which has neither a steering function nor a driving function, and is designed to bear the weight of the body. For semi-trailers, the axle is one of the key conditions that determine its load-bearing performance, and it also undertakes the functions of ensuring braking, cushioning bumps, and maintaining driving.

In appearance, in the middle of the semi-trailer axle is a monolithic axle beam, which is connected to the body by a suspension system above, and on both sides axle tip is a wheel end system for mounting the wheels. However, as a precision mechanical component on the semi-trailer, the composition of the parts of the axle is still very complex, and the various units are interlocking and complementary to each other to jointly ensure the comprehensive performance of the axle. In order to ensure the attendance, safety and economic benefits of semi-trailers, it is very important to choose a high-quality axle, especially under the conditions of severe driving conditions such as many mountain roads, rugged terrain and many curves, which puts forward strict requirements for the performance of the axle.

In general, regardless of the tonnage and model, the common axles on semi-trailers are mainly divided into the following types:

1.Drum axle. Drum axle is the most widely used type of axle on semi-trailers, and it also accounts for the highest proportion in the market at present. Compared with other axles, the most obvious advantage of drum axles is that the price is relatively low, the accessories are basically common in the industry, and the design is simple, and the subsequent maintenance and replacement are more convenient.

From the perspective of braking performance, the drum axle has a sealed brake drum and a large braking friction area, which can provide more sufficient braking power for semi-trailers, especially heavy-duty semi-trailers. Therefore, drum axles can be widely used in all kinds of general cargo transportation, such as sand and gravel, steel coils, wood, coal and other heavy cargo transportation can also be applied.drum-axle

2.     Disc axle. In recent years, the application of disc axles in semi-trailers has become more and more, on the one hand, thanks to the promotion of relevant policies, and on the other hand, it is also closely related to its own advantages. The disc axle replaces the sealed brake drum with a bare brake disc, and the heat dissipation, heat decay resistance, and water attenuation resistance have been greatly improved. In addition, the disc axle has optimized the brake transmission assembly, which can drive the brake pads immediately after pressing the brake, and the braking response speed is fast, and the linearity is stable and the braking is more stable. Especially when used with ABS, EBS, hydraulic retarder, air suspension and other devices, the advantages of disc brakes have been brought into play to a greater extent.

In the application field, those transportation conditions with high requirements for cargo damage, such as the transportation of dangerous goods, the transportation of precision instruments, the transportation of valuables, the transportation of flowers, fruits and vegetables, etc., are more suitable for disc axles. It is worth noting that in those mountain road transportation with poor road conditions, if the disc brake is combined with auxiliary braking devices such as hydraulic relief, it can often obtain better braking effect than drum axles.


disc axle


disc axle

3.     Low bed axle. The low-bed axle belongs to the special axle of the low-bed semi-trailer. According to the requirements of regulations, multi axle trailer can only be used to transport large goods that cannot be dismantled, and ordinary goods are not allowed to be transported, one is unsafe, and the other is not conducive to the good development of the freight market. Compared with other axles, the low bed axle has a shorter height and higher wall thickness, which can not only facilitate the loading and unloading of goods, but also facilitate the passage of the height limit road section, improve the stability of transportation, and can also carry higher weight, transportation machinery and equipment, large tanks, construction equipment, power station equipment, etc. In addition, like some sedan semi-trailers, hydraulic axles are also applicable.


4.tandem axle. tandem axle is mainly used for multi axle trailer or hydraulic trailer, this kind of cargo volume and weight is larger, generally non-detachable, and needs large or special modular trailer for transportation. The tandem axle is customized for multi axle trailer, with a load capacity of up to 80t and a number of tires, which reduces the average pressure of the contact surface and reduces the damage to the tires and road surface.


Of course, in addition to the above types, semi-trailer axles also have single-tire axles, twin axles, built-in axles, external axles, special axles, concave axles, etc., the design structure is different, the characteristics are not used, the applicable fields or working conditions are more or less different, and the owners should fully consider the use needs when choosing.

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