What Is A Modular Lowboy Trailer? Benefits And Uses
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What Is A Modular Lowboy Trailer? Benefits And Uses

Author: ruitrailer     Publish Time: 01-02-2024      Origin: Site

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A modular lowboy trailer, commonly known as a hydraulic modular trailers or a hydraulic multi axle modular trailer, is a type of heavy equipment trailer used for transporting oversized and overweight loads. It is designed with a lower height compared to standard flatbed trailers, allowing for easier and safer loading and unloading of over height equipment.





Benefits of modular lowboy trailers:

1. Versatility: modular trailer are designed with removable goosenecks and a modular deck system, allowing for various configurations and adjustments to accommodate different types and sizes of loads. They can be extended or retracted to create a longer or shorter deck length as needed.

2. Load capacity: These trailers are specifically designed to transport heavy and oversized cargo, with load capacity ranging from 50 to 250 tons. They are built to handle the weight and dimensions of challenging loads such as construction machinery, transformers, industrial equipment, and more.

3. Lower deck height: The lower deck height of modular trailers offers several advantages. It reduces the total height profile of the load, enabling transportation under bridges, power lines, or other height-restricted areas. Additionally, the lower deck allows for a lower center of gravity, improving stability and minimizing the risk of tipping.

4. Load security: hydraulic modular trailers often feature multiple sets of locking points along the deck, allowing for secure attachment of the cargo. This ensures stability during transportation, minimizing the risk of shifting or damage to the load.

Uses of modular lowboy trailers:

1. Heavy machinery: Modular lowboy trailers are commonly used to transport heavy machinery such as excavators, bulldozers, cranes, and other construction or agricultural equipment.

2. Oversized cargo: They are suitable for hauling oversized cargo such as industrial equipment, wind turbine components, oil and gas equipment, and large infrastructure components.

3. Bridge construction: hydraulic multi axle modular trailer are used to move large bridge sections, beams, and girders to construction sites.

4. Power transmission infrastructure: They are often utilized for transporting transformers, power station equipment, and electrical towers.

In summary, modular lowboy trailers mded provide versatility, high load capacity, improved safety, and are ideal for transporting heavy and oversized cargo in various industries.

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