70m long windmill blade trailer for sale
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70m long windmill blade trailer for sale

Author: rui trailer     Publish Time: 09-17-2023      Origin: Site

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70m long windmill blade trailer for sale


wind turbine blade transport trailer is born for wind blades. With the increasing support from the business for the wind energy industry, more and more places are starting to build wind farms. Since the construction cannot be separated from transportation, wind energy equipment is generally relatively large, especially the length of wind turbine blades, which are often more than 80 meters, making transportation very difficult. The entry of complex sites sometimes requires a lot of material, manpower, and time to reach.


Today a wind blade trailer was launched, which was specially designed and manufactured by Rui trailer for the transportation of wind turbine blades on complex roads. It is divided into two parts: telescopic boom and steering system.


The transportation of wind blades has always been a difficult problem in the industry before, because its equipment was too large, especially with a super long length of tens of meters, transportation was very inconvenient, and accidents occurred from time to time. Now with this kind of wind turbine blade trailer, these once difficult problems have become relatively simple, windmill blade trailers undoubtedly play a crucial role in the field of developing renewable energy industry.


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