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Heavy Haul Trailers

Besides, collected the advantages of international brand vehicle, the combination trailer can realize the mode of full-trailer towing or semi-trailer towing.
Product Description

Heavy Haul Trailers

The heavy haul trailer types includes the extendable flatbed semi trailer, hydraulic multiaxle semi trailer and rotor blade lifter. Let's introduce you to the following:

① The ordinary extendable flatbed semi trailer is a little similar to the heavy haul trailer, but its chassis adopts the buckle box type design. The beam adjusts the vehicle length by pulling to adapt to the different length of wind vane transportation. It is understood that the domestic heavy haul trailer can reach 50m at most.

② The biggest difference between the hydraulic multiaxle semi trailer  and the ordinary heavy haul trailer is that the chassis adopts the hydraulic axis design, which makes the cargo table of the windvane truck lower and the steering more flexible.

③ The rotor blade lifter refers to theavy haul trailer equipped with hydraulic lifting device. It mainly aims at the difficult problem of the transportation of the wind blades in the mountainous area. In the case of flat road, the blades are transported in a flat way. In the case of small turning radius in mountain area, the height of the goods transported can be raised by lifting device (generally 5-10 meters), and the length of the whole heavy haul trailer can be shortened to bypass the obstacles.

The extendable flatbed semi-trailer, 35 m, 42m, 45m, 56m hydraulic steering wind power equipment heavy haul trailer, 16 m-17.5m pull-out low flat semi-trailer. Mountain blade transport tooling. The semi-trailer is transported by wind blade, and the 35 m wind vane semi trailer is the vehicle used to transport wind turbine blades. The biggest feature of the semi-trailer is that the super length has the function of longitudinal expansion. Because the heavy haul trailer is too long, it is difficult to turn. In order to overcome the difficulties of turning, the wind vane transport vehicle is generally equipped with hydraulic steering system.

The maximum length of the semi-trailer can reach 50m three-axis balance type. The remote control power steering is provided. The mass balance block is installed between the front and rear leaf springs, which can make the deflection of the front and rear leaf spring equal changes, and the force balance of the front and rear axle can be balanced. The total length is 460000 / (17.5 * 22 * 6.5) x3000x1810m, which can be all pulled apart, and the bearing capacity is designed according to 80 tons. The height of the girder is 550mm wide and the width is 300mm. The girder is buckle box type, the side beam is 250mm I-beam, the lowest cargo loading surface is 850mm, and the tire is 11.00r-20.

This model is designed for the transportation of wind turbine blades, and can be extended to 44 meters in length. Due to the length of goods, the turning difficulty is greatly increased. In order to overcome the difficulties of turning, the rear axle is used, and the rear axle is used in conjunction with the power station. Meanwhile, considering the stability requirements of the goods, the rear axle adopts its own developed suspension system to solve the foreseeable difficulties in loading skillfully. The windmill adopts the secondary stretching of 23 meters and the rear pulling for 5m to ensure the total length of 44.15m; The two axis steering system is adopted, equipped with small hydraulic station, and the steering is realized by hand control, with the maximum angle of 35 degrees; The spring is placed under, the countertop is low, the longitudinal beam is pulled freely and has good passing ability.

Been widely used in the fields such as alternating electromotive force, metallurgy

chemical industry, construction and logistics, Rui trailer as heavy haul trailers manufacturers,our production of hydraulic modular trailer can realize the transportation of large-sized, entire, extra long and super heavy cargos.We provide multi axle heavy haul trailers for sale, Besides,collected the advantages of international brand vehicle, the combination trailer can realize the

mode of full-trailer towing or semi-trailer towing.

Product Categories

• Hydraulic Modular Trailer/Multi Axle 

• Semi-Trailer (Low bed /dropdeck/ Flatbed 


• Wind blade / Nacelle / Tower Trailer IWIND BLADE TRAILER 

• Telescopic Trailer 

• Wind Blade Adaptor


•elescopic Trailer 


• Telescopic Trailer 

• Wind Blade Ad

heavy haul semi trailers

heavy haul semi trailers

heavy haul flatbed trailers

heavy haul flatbed trailers

Heavy hauling are generally single and heavy, and the operation is difficult. There are many matters needing attention of transportation

1. When transporting heavy goods, specific opinions and measures such as loading and reinforcement shall be formulated according to the characteristics of the goods. When handing it over to others for transportation, the qualification and ability of the other party, such as focusing on the safety and health of heavy cargo transportation and clarifying the transportation scheme and requirements

2. Technical preparation of heavy haul trailer, careful inspection of traction system, including all connecting pins, bolts, traction bars, etc

3. Assign special personnel to observe the road and traffic conditions on site. When there are cables, telephone lines, gas pipelines or other underground buildings along the way, it is necessary to study whether the vehicles can enter safely, whether the site is suitable for loading and discharging, and the methods of shunting, loading and transportation.

4. The loading and unloading of goods should use appropriate loading and unloading machinery as far as possible. During loading, all supports of goods shall be evenly and smoothly placed on the vehicle floor.

5. For the lumped goods, to make the weight evenly distributed on the vehicle floor, the goods must be keeped on the vertical and horizontal skids.

To the specific transportation situation of heavy pieces, the reinforcement measures are studied to ensure the quality of transportation service.


Q460 is a high strength low alloy steel. Q460: its steel grade is crowned with "Q", representing the yield point of steel, namely yield strength. The following number shows the yield point. 460 represents 460 MPa. The trillion is the sixth power of 10. The PA is the pressure unit Pascal. 

Working Principle

Heavy Haul Trailer is the key link to support national major engineering projects


The heavy haul semi trailers come in different modular units that include 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, and 8 axle models,we provide custom heavy haul trailers also. The maximum load per axle is up to 40 tons. A larger number of axle lines means that the heavy haul semi trailers have a higher loading capacity.

Product Number     

Number of Axle-line 2
4 5 6 7 8
Speed(km/h)  5 80 5 80 5 80 5 80 5 80 5 80 5 80
Total Weight(t) 68 32.8 102 49.2 136 65.6 170 82 204 98.4 238 114.8 272 131.2
Rated Payload(t) 61.4 24.2 91.1 39.3 122.8 52.4 153.5 65.5 184.2 79 214.9 91.7 245.4 104.8
Dead Weight(t) 6.6 9.9 13.2 16.5 19.8 23.1 26.4
Load Per Axle Line(t) 34 16.4 34 16.4 34 16.4 34 16.4 34 16.4 34 16.4 34 16.4
Total Length(mm)  3000 4500 6000 7500 9000 10500 12000
Total Width(mm)  3000

Height(mm) 1270±325(unloaded)

Axle Distance(mm) 1500

Wheel Distance(mm) 1780

Tyre Specification 215/75R17.5  or 7.5R15

Rim Specification 6.00-17.5 or 6.00-15

Number of Tyre 16  24  32 40 48  56 64

Max. Turning

Angle of Wheel 


Inside   450  1500  2600 1500 2000 2000 3100

Min. Turning

Radius (mm) Outside 

4070 5800 7600  5800 5800 7600 8500


Q:How many capacity?

A:Up to 2000 ton

Q:How many line can be build per year?

A:1000 line 


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