what kind of cargo will stretch trailer in use
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what kind of cargo will stretch trailer in use

Author: rui trailer     Publish Time: 09-04-2023      Origin: Site

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The 60 m extendable trailer ready for delivery

Stretch trailer or say wind blade trailer is typically used to carry oversized and over dimension cargo(ODC cargo), such as machinery, construction equipment, long industrial pipes, wind turbine blades, or large building materials,concret precast segment.


wind blade trailer


stretch trailer in use


wind turbine blades transportation

The-extendable-tri-axle-trailers-are-in-making The-62-m-extendable-trailer-is-in-testing

extendable trailer


extendable trailer

 These types of cargo require more space than a standard flat trailer can provide, and a extendable trailer allows for increased length and flexibility to accommodate the load.

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